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BRAINLEAP is the acronym of a 7th Framework Programme Collaborative Research Project. It ultimately aims at "A quantum leap: from a spike-centered brain universe to its underlying synaptic landscape", in the field of Neurotechnology.

BRAINLEAP has been carried out by
a international academic consortium, first established in 2012 and
coordinated by M. Giugliano (Univ. Antwerpen).

BRAINLEAP stems from a strong commitment by the partners to join forces and make significant contributions to the fundamental scientific domain of brain machine interfacing and neuroprosthetics.
The project has been kicked-off in 2013, upon receiving  generous funding for 3,5 years under the Future Emerging Technologies initiative of the Information and Communication Technologies Programme by the European Commission. The funding of the project reached its natural end on July 2016, although the consortium committed to continue the intense scientific exchanges to further advance the technology developed.